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Yoga training in group
‘Yoga is not going to make you great, yoga is going to make you you ‘ ~ Yogi Bhajan . Kundalini yoga is the Yoga of awareness. Through the singing of mantras, breathing techniques, yoga postures and mediation we work directly on our nervous system and glandular system. Our gland system will work optimally and our nervous system and immune system will be strengthened. Your blood circulation will improve and you will experience an awareness of the impact of our habits. Would you like to attend a lesson ? You can find me every Thursday evening at 20:00 and Sunday morning at 10:00 in Hotel Van der Valk in Beveren. Would you like more info surf to my website or like my Facebook page. Sat Nam, Harmony Hunter
Tibetan Medicine
Are you interested in healthy living, distant cultures and spirituality? Or do you need a totally different view of your health? Tibetan medicine originated centuries ago, on the roof of the world: it is the traditional medicine of the Himalayas. This alternative science approaches health as a search for harmony between the energies in our body and consciousness. Tibetan doctors or "amchi" are known for their in-depth diagnosis based on, among other things, pulse and urine, which they use to find where the balance has been lost. Restoring balance is done according to the natural body type of the client, through a combination of nutrition and lifestyle advice, herbs and therapies.
Back On Track workout
You can do it! New at Hotel Beveren: our back on track workout! In cooperation with Pat's Activity Center we organise from now on personal group trainings on Thursday from 20 till 21h. Roy de Wiest knows how to get to work, with his diploma as a personal coach he knows like no other how you can reach your goals. The group lessons take place in the yoga room of our Boost Body & Mind Wellness, Roy provides all the necessary material to bring enough variation in the exercises. You can register via whats app or e-mail. Roy can be reached at 0479 45 86 00 or roydewiest@gmail.com. Always give your name + e-mail address + telephone number and of course the date on which you want to attend the lessons. € 17,50 per lesson, € 15 per lesson when you take a 10-event card. Let's get fit!